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Ozomatli's in da house

You should know that by now!

Corazon de melon

That's Corazon, my 4 mth old pup (turns 4 mths on the 26). I am just gaga over her :) I can't wait to take her to the Chusma picnic this Saturday.

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I need to post a pic of my 3 mth old puppy, Corazon....she is too adorable! She's a chihuahua-doberman pincher mix. Red/brown with white tipped paws. Looks exactly like her dad, Buddy. 'cept he's gray. and being a whiny brat atm lol

It was the one year anniversary of Chata's death this past weekend...we miss her and still celebrate her life. No other dog will ever come close to her presence. Or her farts! lol (seriously, they were BAD) I'm so glad we were able to bury her in the front yard. My brother and I each threw in something personal into her grave. We planted flowers over her grave....reminds me, need to replant more soon.

I honestly don't know how people with rodents can handle the short life span. Props to you guys. I know how it is to really love your pet, so much that you don't consider them "pets", they are family members. And to lose them every 2-3 years? That's tough and I honestly admire you for that, cuz I don't think I could handle it.

Ok,I must go and take care of Buddy. I'm sure he's hungry cuz he just picked up his food bowl and brought it over to me. I think it's cute as hell when he does that......

A new start
I've decided that I have been away for long enough.....almost 2 years....wow.

Oh how time changes all

How to recap these last 2 years? *laughs* now THAT is a daunting task.

I feel the need to beging writing again....but it will be mostly private. It's not that I have something to hide...I just want to express myself without feeling the need for filters. A place for me to truly speak to myself, for myself, and make sense of me. I place where I can record my progress as I become a stronger woman, independent and true to myself.

I have grown in ways these past 2 years that I would never had done so had I not made one of the scariest decisions I have EVER made in my life, which was to file for divorce. It was the hardest thing for me to do, because it was much easier to be safe with an amazing individual such as Jesus, my ex-husband, than to take a risk.

There were some hard times, but, as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you, certainly makes you stronger. I am reminded of one my favorite quotes, it's by Frederick Douglas. "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." I believe in progress. Heck, I consider myself a progressive thinker, mind of a revolutionary...and much progress has been done. But progress is never done.

I have found more peace in these last 2 years than I could have hoped for.

Being alone, without someone, for the first time in my life, allowed me to look inside myself to feel fulfilled, complete, strong, independent, beautiful. I had to create a new source for my confidence, one that did not depend upon the opinions of my current partner.

I am humbly grateful for the chance to start again.....

I believe that throughout life, we all continue to grow, our souls forever becoming more awakened. I finally have my solid foundation, so that I may spread my butterfly wings, and soar as high as the universe will allow. My foundation may have taken longer than others, but this is not a race, it was never meant to be trivialized by such pettiness. It is not how fast you got there, but how well you traveled the road. 

I feel solid inside, if that makes sense.

(thank goodness for Pandora, aka sanity saver. I'm listening to my Muse radio station...so freaking awesome)


I realize that I have a lot to learn, a long ways to go. But as I look back, I am proud of who I have become. And I recognize that I have a long way to go.

I am not perfect. it sounds redundant, I know. It's one of those "duh" things to say. But I don't want anyone to assume that I believe my shit doesn't stink :P I don't want someone to misinterpret what I am trying to convey, as it has occured in the past. 

I have made mistakes in life. But I regret nothing. Because if it were not for those mistakes, I would not have the little bit of wisdom that I have. Do I wish I had made different choices? Of course. But I must live with the mistakes I have made, and turn them around, learn & grow from them, so that they would not be in vain. There are things that I have done that I must learn how to forgive myself, and it is something that I am working on.

But I am grateful for a new start, a new beginning.

A new hope....just like episode 4 lol


I passed my ceritfication! Yay! I just got word from my supervisor....i'm officially a Certified Information & Referral Specialist (or C.I.R.S.).  Makes me much more marketable in the job market...

Plus, my agency gives us a $500 bonus for passing...so oh yeah! 

This was the last thing I was waiting for to move the heck out of California and start fresh somewhere else. As soon as I have the cash in my hands (in a week and a half) I'm gonna put in my 2 weeks notice. I'm feeling a bit nervous all of a sudden.....

On my way to work this morning...
I saw a man walking his dog and shouting at someone I couldn't see...a split second later I see this boxer/pitbull mix dog running around. She (as I later found out) ran across the street after I passed and was almost hit by a car. I made a u-turn and pulled over. I just had to, i knew she would get hit, since it was off a busy street. It broke my heart to see her running from stranger to stranger.....almost as if she was asking for help.
As I suspected, she was very friendly. I called her over and she just ran to me. A girl at the bus stop next to where I pulled over helped me load her into my car and off I went to the animal shelter. She was so sweet. I wish I could've kept her. She looked well cared for, but had no dog tags. 
I called into work, saying I had a 'situation' come up. eh.
I REALLy wanted to keep her...... kinda bummed me out for the rest of the day today. I really hope her owners pick her up soon. I've actually thought about calling the shelter to find out if they have.

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I am SO bored at work!!!

Hmmm...guess I can recap my weekend.....

had Ricardo (boyfriend- lives out of state) over this past weekend. Saw Ozomatli at the House of Blues. Was an ok show. Sucked that we got there late (plane didn't arrive until 7pm and the show was at 8pm). So we got stuck being on the second floor. My friend Crystal (getting her master's in education w/ a teaching credential) hadn't seen Ozo, so I treated her to the show. We danced all throughout the show. That was fun, but it was not the best Ozo show I've seen. After the show, we went to my favorite late-night hangout, the Harbor House off of PCH. After we ate, Crystal waited in the car while Ricardo & I went and took a stroll along Seal Beach's shoreline. It wasn't too dark, thanks to an almost full moon. That was very sweet & romantic....under the moon & stars, hearing the ocean, huddling together cuz of the cold.....we both love going to the beach, and this was very nice to do together, especially since he hadn't been out to the beach in a long time.

Then, we went to Laguna Beach on Sat., took advantage of the beautiful weather we had that morning....Got some great shots from the cliffside. Highlight was searching for sea shells for his 7 yr old daughter. I had a blast with that! We got some really good ones too. 


Then, after that, we went to my friend's wedding. Sucked that it started to sprinkle......but I had a blast dancing the night away.

Sunday, we went to the Santa Monica pier (we both have a special, individual relationship with the beach). We had breakfast at Bubba Gumps, which was interesting. It was a bit cold to be out there on the pier, but we sucked it up. It was nice to be at the edge of the pier, the wind whipping around us, the smell of the ocean, seeing the waves crash along the shore...We then took a stroll along the shore, rolled up my jeans and got my feet wet. That was nice. We bought some souvenirs for his girls and family and called it a day at Santa Monica.

After that, we went to Long Beach. There is a hidden beach there that I grew up going to. It is not a well known beach, since it's off a canal (i think). Anywho, the trippy part is that HE also went to that beach with his family, but not as often as I did. My family took us every summer, at least 4-5 times each year, up until I moved out. So I have very fond memories of that beach....lots of yummy naps thanks to my parent's hammock and the big trees on the park side of the beach. *sigh*

After L.B. we went back to my place, where I proceeded to make some shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta and mashed potatoes...it was so yummy! We then napped and right when we should've gotten ready to take him to the airport we decide....that he should stay one more night. So we changed his flight for 8am the next morning. That was a great way to cap off the weekend...

Long distance relationships are hard. I had forgotten how hard..... 

(Ok, now I'm just showing him off. Sorry can't help it *gushes*)

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Itzpapalotl Itzpapalotl, Chichimec Dragon Goddess by Susanne Iles ©

"Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death; nor yet canst thou kill me.
From Rest and Sleep, which but thy picture be,
Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow..."8

We are introduced to death in the guise of the dragon Itzpapalotl. She is the ancient Chichimec representation of Mother Earth in her mortuary phase symbolizing the world’s cyclical changes - the rhythms of the seasons and agriculture. Also known as "Obsidian Knife Butterfly,"9 a goddess of creation and transformation, Itzpapalotl is shown wearing butterfly wings to indicate her shamanic and transformational powers. Her appearance as a dragon with butterfly wings symbolizes the human fear of death, yet provides hope for a gentle sleep, transformation and rebirth. The emerging butterfly represents the human soul and its journey heavenward. Her hands and feet are depicted alternately as jaguar10 or eagle claws, as she grips the corners of the sky with her hands. Her fierce countenance expresses the darker aspects of nature found in drought, floods, storms, disease or death. Another face of Itzpapalotl is one of great beauty showing her gift of kindness through release of suffering, transformation of the soul and the fostering of new growth in spring.

Itzpapalotl teaches us although natural law in all its beauty and destruction must prevail, it is not final. We are taught death can be overcome and our spirit transformed into a life everlasting.
-taken from: http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/index.php?one=azt&two=aaa&id=275&typ=reg

Say hello to my 3rd tat:
Pic 6: Stylized butterfly image, Teotihuacan
I love the Native American feel to it. I've been wanting a butterfly tattoo for a while. But all the butterfly pics I've seen look too mainstream. And I don't want mainstream on my skin. I'm still debating about doing it black & gray or this color. But it would only be one color. It needs to balance out the first 2 that have color in them, since it will be nestled in the middle of them.

I try to live my life by my favorite quote: "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it" by Albert Einstein.  I'm not sure if it really comes from shamanism (haven't verified yet) but there is the Theory of Chaos which says that even the flap of a butterfly's wings can create change around the world (something close to that. and yes, I know Philip Merilees has a famous quote on that). And I believe I live my life that way too. I help out one person at a time. A little change here and there. And I know it's cliche, but I want In Lak Ech (nahuatl for "You are my other self" an indigenous version of the Japanese ying and yang) on top of the butterfly. 

Anywho, the butterfly has major significance in indigenous cultures up and down central & south america. It is believed that they carry the souls of the dead. I think I may dedicate this one to Benny.

I'm a klepto
I was at the dentist today and saw a copy of Entertainment Weekly with Dan's face on it. I didn't get through the couple of articles in it about OotP. So I stole it. :D 
*sigh* I have been feeling a bit down this week. magicalobizuth has a great post about it. This feels so historic. It's getting crazy out there. really crazy.
I feel so fortunate to be part of this. To have waited years for books 5, 6, & 7 to come out. To have savored them. To have been introduced to them by my BF. To have been a fan during the toughest time, not when you could buy all 7 at the same time.
I haven't been a bit down. I have been REALLY sad this week. It just makes me so sad to think that this is IT. It's over (as far as JK coming out with books i mean). I don't want it to be over. Like the hubs said, "WHY does it have to be over?" To which there are a lot of legit answers (it has to come to an end someday for one). BUt i'm being too stuborn to acknowledge them. I think it is so amazing to be so much in love with these characters. To mourn them when they die. It was hard with Sirius. But Dumbledore's death affected me so much. I still cry when I read that part, even after the 5th time through. And when HBP the movie comes out, and that part plays on the screen....I better remember to take tissues.
I have a very busy weekend.  I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I have to squeeze as much reading as I can in this weekend. And at the same time, I want to take my sweet time. I want to make it last as long as possible. But at the same time, I am dying to have so many questions answered. 
Sleep? pft! I can do that later during next week......
I need to get to bed tonight though........

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"A good friend of ours said that if the same laws were applied to U.S. Presidents as were applied to the Nazi's after World War II, then every single one of 'em, every last rich white one of 'em from Truman on would have been hung to death, and shot. And this current administration is no exception. They should be hung, and tried, and shot. As any war criminal should be. But the challenges that we face, they go way beyond administrations. Way beyond elections. Way Beyond every four years of pulling levers. Way beyond that, because this whole rotten system has become so vicious and cruel, that in order to sustain itself, it needs to destroy entire countries, and profit from their reconstruction, in order to survive, and that's not a system that changes every four years, it's a system that we have to break down generation after generation after generation after generation after generation. Wake up."

~Zack de la Rocha @ Coachella 2007~

Have Jarocha blood in me...
my mom is from Veracruz (been lucky enough to visit: beautiful & humid!)

Email I got re: this performance (neat descriptions so I figured I'd share with the world :)

From performances with Zack de la Rocha, at the South Central Farm, with Quetzal, Ozomalti, this group of young musicians from Jaltipan, Veracruz, have proven not only their electrifying combination of traditional and modern but their commitment to grassroots music, and the development of community. Come to this one and only performance in Orange County, where son jarocho becomes an expression of resistance, solidarity, and survival.

Suggested Donation: $5 Student / $8 General
All donations go to projects in Santa Ana and Veracruz.

Los Cojolites are a collective of soneros who currently work and live together in Jaltipan, Veracruz, Mexico. They started in 1997 as a workshop studying their regional dance, a poetry and music known as Son Jarocho. Following the release of their first album "El Conejo" in 2001, they traveled internationally, playing at places that included both the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, and Self-Help Graphics in LA. They appeared on the soundtrack of the film "Frida." By keeping respect for tradition and by having the courage and creativity to innovate based on those traditions, Los Cojolites will continue to contribute quality music to both the 400 year old genre known as Son Jarocho, as well as the contemporary sounds of hip hop, reggae, and rock. Their collaborations also include sharing stages with artists such as Quetzal, Zack de la Rocha, and Ozomatli.

El Centro Cultural de Mexico is an alternative space in Santa Ana where the community can find cultural, educational, and artistic activities that strengthen their identities, develop their talents and develop a sense of leadership in their community.

"Son Jarocho" is the characteristic musical and dance expression of the region's people. It is a genre that fuses the three great cultures that blended into today's Mexico" Spanish (which is itself a blend of Christian Europe and Muslim North Africa), Black African and the indigenous. Community spirit is forged in the heart of its fandangos, fiestas, which amalgamate a strong social metal with its own special kind of spirituality and life style.